Software Reliability

Timothy W. Athan, Ph.D., P.E.
Senior Consultant
Phone: (734) 794-8100

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Software drives a wide variety of products and systems, from simple home appliances to large industrial processes.  Software performs many essential functions that enable an ever growing number of devices and processes we interact with on a daily basis.  Source code enables software's functions, which in some instances can contain difficult to find errors or anomalies that contribute to a product or process failure.

Failure analysis of software is unique in many respects to other forms of failure investigation and ESI's consultants have the capability to address software failures, as well as related hardware or system failures.

ESI's consultants have applied this expertise in many areas, including air traffic control, commercial trucking, energy exploration and productions, aeronautics, automotive engineering, power plants and reactors, industrial applications, and consumer products.

Specialties include automated code testing, drilling operations, black box/white box software testing, code reviews, control science, human factors analysis, risk assessment, simulations, software design/development/testing, software languages, and validation/verification.

With this vast experience, ESI can effectively achieve thorough results for any software reliability investigation to determine if software had a role in an incident.


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Athan, Timothy W., Ph.D., P.E.   Senior Consultant  


Auflick, Jack L., Ph.D.   Senior Consultant  


Marsh, Laban M.   Staff Consultant  

Texas (Houston)

Slane, Jean H., Ph.D., P.E.   Senior Consultant  


Smolka, James C., M.S., P.E., CFEI   Senior Staff Consultant  

North Carolina