Water Engineering

Kristina Cydzik, P.E., LEED AP
Senior Consultant
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Investigation and Mitigation of Natural Hazards

Water engineering is the practice of studying and managing the impact that surface water and groundwater have on people and land. Our team of engineers analyze the full spectrum of events that cause these impacts, including droughts, floods, storms, earthquakes, and wildfires. Through the use of innovative tools and preparation of databases of information tailored to the needs of the project, we assess water’s impacts at various geographic scales.

Relevant Experience

At ESI, we have professionals with significant experience investigating the damages that result from severe weather events and natural disasters. Because time is of the essence, our professionals can be deployed rapidly, often within hours, to assess the situation, collect perishable data, and determine the causation and extent of damage. We also prepare recommendations and protocols to remedy or mitigate any identified problems. Additionally, we perform studies of natural hazards to support our clients’ decision-making in managing risk.  Key capabilities include:

Commercial Regulatory

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment
  • National Security Strategy


  • Hydraulic Assessment
  • Hydrology (including arid region hydrology)
  • Hydrologic Modeling


  • Infrastructure Planning

Water Conflict Resolution

  • Water Conflict Resolution

Water Resource Management

  • International Water Negotiation
  • International Water Resource Management
  • Integrated Water Resource Planning
  • Policy Planning
  • Water Drought
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Water Risk Management
  • Water Scarcity
  • Water Supply

Visual Aids

Integral to the presentation of our findings and conclusions is the in-house develop-ment of innovative maps, schematics, graphics, videos, and web-based tools to support the needs of the project and client. We help our clients excel through the production of exemplificative and intuitive visual tools.

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Ahearn, David L., P.E.   Senior Consultant   dlahearn@engsys.com  


Cydzik, Kristina, P.E., LEED AP   Senior Consultant   kcydzik@engsys.com  


Kenney, Robert, P.E.   Principal   rnkenney@engsys.com