Forensic Architecture

Robert A. Plichta, AIA, NCARB, CPP
Senior Consultant/Forensic Architect
Phone: (630) 851-4566

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The Forensic Architecture group at ESI regularly consults in areas related to building design, building components and systems, premises and premises liability, and professional liability.  Providing services to attorneys, insurance companies, property managers, and building owners, ESI investigates problems related to building envelope failures, water intrusion, structural failures, frozen pipes, site failures, mold and moisture, and more.  ESI works to identify the failures and potential defects, assess the process, and identify parties that may have contributed to the failures.  ESI’s Forensic Architecture group also offers design repair solutions and documentation necessary to acquire building permits, along with on-site project observation.

For property managers, condominium boards, and homeowner associations, ESI strives to assist with current problems and issues, providing a proactive approach to identify potential problems and develop solutions to problems once they occur.  For these three entities, ESI provides assistance in three areas of service:

  • Provide immediate assistance to identify and rectify building or system failures.
  • Work with board members and property managers to take a proactive approach in identifying potentially failing conditions on a property to reduce exposure.
  • Assist in educating our clients to add knowledge related to their properties and why repair(s) may be needed.

For restoration clients, the Forensic Architecture group provides professional design and construction document services for repairs due to fire, water, or large-loss catastrophic conditions.

ESI’s Forensic Architecture group has in-house access to civil, structural, mechanical, materials, electrical, and plumbing engineers, allowing ESI to take a comprehensive approach to nearly any design, construction, or maintenance failure that may exist, regardless of the project size, type, or location.

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Plichta, Robert A., AIA, NCARB, CPP   Senior Consultant/Forensic Architect