Child Product Safety Services

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ESI offers a range of Child Product Safety Services, including comprehensive accident investigation and reconstruction, safety and compliance research and analysis, product testing, human surrogate testing, and risk and safety assessments.  Areas of specialization include:

Accident Reconstruction

  • Investigate and report on causes of accidents or injuries related to product usage.
  • Accident reconstruction and testing, including the use of product exemplars, anthropomorphic models, and human surrogates.
  • State-of-the-art digital analysis and exhibits, including the use of animation, computed tomography, and FARO scanning measurements.
  • Develop and/or recommend solutions to minimize or prevent recurrence of accidents or injuries related to product usage.

Standards and Compliance

  • Interpret relevant CPSC and other product-specific safety standards and evaluate whether design, build, and assembly meet standard specifications.
  • Consult on proper product usage and warning labels and instructions.
  • Conduct product research to evaluate industry standards, state-of-the-art safety products and practices, and accident statistics.

Risk Assessments/Safety Analyses

  • Perform a risk assessment to identify potential health hazards or damage that could occur during reasonably foreseeable product use or misuse.
  • Identify product safety issues as they relate to various lifecycle stages, including new product development, product recalls, and/or existing product changes.
  • Recommend procedures for detection, prevention, and mitigation of product hazards, including possible design alternatives.


Professionals in This Area








Breen, Kevin C., P.E.   Principal & Director of Marine & Automotive Research  


Brickman, Dennis B., P.E.   Principal  


Knox, Erick H., Ph.D., P.E.   Principal & Director of Biomechanical & Safety Engineering  


Mathias, Anne, P.E.   Senior Consultant  


Novak, Gary J., Ph.D., P.E.   Senior Consultant