3D Laser Scanning and Scene Preservation

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Using state-of-the-art FARO 3D laser scanning, ESI provides rapid, accurate preservation of almost any model or incident scene.  From small products and components to buildings, roads, and landscapes, our technical staff has the experience and expertise to scan objects and environments of virtually any shape and size, creating textured, high resolution images that can be readily converted to pictures, simple or complex animations, and/or 3D models. 

Whether your need is product design and development, accident investigation, or quality assurance, FARO 3D laser scanning yields highly usable, high quality data in a short period of time. Dimensions, elevations, topologies, and coordinates can all be captured from a variety of perspectives, allowing you to fully document a scene or object in a non-destructive, non-disruptive manner. This documentation can then be used to assist with everything from modeling and fabrication to damage/deformation assessment and accident reconstruction.

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Professionals in This Area








Franzese, Robert R.   Graphics Technologist   rrfranzese@engsys.com  


Karlins, Scott A.   Senior Technologist   sakarlins@engsys.com  


Maratea, Alison V.   Graphics Technologist   avmaratea@engsys.com  


Roberts, Julius M.   Senior Staff Consultant   jmroberts@engsys.com  


Smith, Steven J.   Senior Technologist   sjsmith@engsys.com  


Spiegler, Roger A.   Senior Technologist   raspiegler@engsys.com  


Stegemann, Jacob A.   Associate Consultant   jastegemann@engsys.com  


Verlaan, Derrek-Ian G., BS, CFEI   Staff Consultant   dgverlaan@engsys.com  


Wilson, David A., CFEI, CVFI, FIT   Staff Consultant   dawilson@engsys.com  

North Carolina

Zeamer, Aaron R., CFEI, CFII, CVFI   Senior Technologist   arzeamer@engsys.com  

Texas (Houston)