Intellectual Property

Kimberly K. Cameron, Ph.D., P.E.
Senior Consultant
Phone: (949) 540-7012

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ESI has assisted clients in many different aspects of intellectual property matters.  Our professional engineers and patent agents have experience across multiple practice areas and can work on matters all over the United States and globally.  The technical breadth and depth of ESI’s professional staff ensures quality, combined with efficiency, to its clients in IP matters.

  • Prior art research
  • Patentability - including novelty
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent due-diligence
  • Claim construction
  • Reverse engineering
  • Design-around
  • Infringement analysis
  • Invalidity assessment - including obviousness and anticipation
  • Enablement and written description assessments
  • Functional aspects of design and trade dress
  • Trade secrets
  • Technical aspects of objective recklessness in willful infringement
  • Analysis - including animation of complex patent figures

Relative Experience

ESI has assisted clients with prior art searches in many different fields, including consumer products and electronics, biomedical devices, mechanical related devices, electronics, and polymers.  In some cases, the prior art search was done in conjunction with patent prosecu­tion to strengthen the patent.  Other times, the prior art searches were done in conjunction with litigation or anticipated litigation to help assess the validity of a patent.  ESI is able to leverage the expertise of its staff and search many non-traditional venues to find prior art that other parties may have overlooked.

With a patent agent on staff, ESI has assisted clients with prosecuting patents.  We have particular expertise in prepar­ing patents in mechanical, electrical, and the consumer electronics fields.  We can provide assistance through the entire process including valuation, patentability, and prosecution in front of the USPTO.

ESI has performed many infringement and invalidity analyses.  Extensive testing experience and laboratory facilities allow us to obtain difficult measurements that can prove key to an infringement analysis.  We are able to build custom test equipment tailored to the product at issue and have the capacity to handle and analyze large numbers of products.

ESI has extensive experience presenting the results of their analyses and tests in the courtroom setting.  We have provided testimony in depositions, hearings, trials, and arbitrations.

Professionals in This Area








Baron, Richard P., Ph.D., P.E.   Senior Managing Consultant & Manager of Dallas Operations  

Texas (Dallas)

Breen, Kevin C., P.E.   Principal & Director of Marine & Automotive Research  


Cameron, Kimberly K., Ph.D., P.E.   Senior Managing Consultant  


Daum, Philip J., P.E.   Principal  


Hayes, Michael D., Ph.D., P.E.   Senior Consultant  


Lewis, Mark A., M.E., P.E.   Senior Consultant  

Texas (Dallas)

Marsh, Laban M.   Staff Consultant  

Texas (Houston)

Novak, Gary J., Ph.D., P.E.   Senior Consultant  


Pettinger, Alfred M., Ph.D., P.E.   Principal & Director of Mechanics  


Schmidt, Frederick E., Ph.D., P.E., C.E.F.   Senior Managing Consultant  


Smith, Jr., Kenneth M., P.E.   Senior Managing Consultant  


Sprague, James K., Ph.D., P.E.   Principal & Manager of Michigan Operations