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Charles Fox, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant & Director of Visualization Practice Group
Phone: (515) 509-2920

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The Graphics and Visualization team is an invaluable part of ESI, serving the needs of our clients and in-house engineering staff.

Very often, our investigations and analyses involve complex concepts and issues that can be difficult to grasp through text alone. Our Graphics Department creates sharp, concise, visual presentations to help our clients digest and understand critical data. We provide 3D animations, PowerPoint presentations, computer modeling, interactive tutorials, and other services, all under the strict supervision of the lead engineer or technician, to ensure absolute accuracy.

ESI’s Graphics Department is also available to provide the best visual solutions for your needs, independent of our other groups. With the recent acquisition of Demonstratives, Inc., the premier provider of litigation presentation services, the range of solutions and services we offer has increased dramatically.

Our professional staff of project managers, engineers, animators, illustrators, and video editors—many of whom helped to establish the litigation animation industry—provides world-class engineering and scientific analysis, combined with compelling visualization solutions. Offering expertise in a range of fields and specialties, our skilled and knowledgeable team is dedicated to creating the best visual solutions for our clients.

Our services include:

Trial Litigation Presentations

We specialize in 3D animations, PowerPoint presentations, and interactive tutorials for use in litigation. In cases where 3D data is crucial, such as aviation accident reconstruction or ground vehicle accident simulation, legal teams frequently go into the courtroom with our movies incorporated into trial presentation tools.

Often, cases demand presentations that are a hybrid of different types of graphics. For example, we create PowerPoint presentations for many legal teams that include the expected 2D graphics, but also 3D still graphics and 3D animations that run as embedded movies on PowerPoint slides. Our methods can unify your legal team's understanding of the facts in a complex case and ultimately help your jury and/or judge clearly understand the facts behind the arguments that are critical to your client's success.

3D Computer Modeling and Animation

We create complex 3D computer models for use in animation work, or stereo lithography and rapid prototyping. Our team is also skilled in preparing 3D animations or visualizations for use in demonstrating abstract or complex concepts.

Graphic Design

We also provide professional design services for non-technical print media work, including brochure, logo, package, and promotional material design.

Digital Video Editing

We offer in-house digital video editing, including VHS, Hi-8 and digital video, as well as output to VHS, CD, and DVD.

Scale Modeling for Exhibits and Displays

Our team can construct dynamic productions, ranging from finely detailed scale models to full-size mock-ups of different types of machines or objects.

Document and X-ray Highlighting

Our team offers electronic highlighting of documents for exhibits and electronic highlighting of X-rays for clarity.

Additional Services

  • Technical illustrations and drawings ranging from simple, single-part views to complicated, exploded assembly views or cutaways.
  • High-resolution posters up to 30" x 40", complete with mounting on foam board, as well as exhibits in electronic form on CD or DVD for use with the presentation software of your choice.
  • High-quality, large format poster printing and laminating, up to 30" x 40".
  • Color and black and white photography, HD video, and high-speed video (up to 33,000 frames/second).
  • Large-format color and black and white printing.

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Bauer, Marla D.   Graphics Technician  


Fox, Charles A., Ph.D.   Senior Consultant & Director of Visualization Practice Group  


Franzese, Robert R.   Graphics Technologist  


Josten, Paul J.   Senior Technologist  


Karlins, Scott A.   Senior Technologist  


Kruger, Daniel H., Ph.D.   Senior Managing Consultant & Manager of Iowa Operations  


Maratea, Alison V.   Graphics Technologist  


Rewerts, Lance E., Ph.D.   Senior Consultant  


Royall, Benjamin   Senior Technologist  


Smith, Steven J.   Senior Technologist  


Spiegler, Roger A.   Senior Technologist  


Spruill, Nicholas J., CFEI   Senior Technologist