ESI was founded in 1987 by three highly dedicated engineers: Charles R. Morin, P.E., Robert P. O’Shea, Sr., Ph.D., P.E, and Edward W. Holmes, P.E. Today, ESI has grown to include 16 offices in 14 states, spanning office coverage from coast-to-coast. ESI has worked with clients and projects in all 50 states, as well as numerous international locations. ESI has over 160 engineers, scientists, technicians and professional support personnel.

Our capable and experienced personnel, abundant resources, and state-of-the-art test facilities, labs, and equipment, allow ESI to effectively compete in the demanding and dynamic market that exists today. ESI has a collaborative approach to problem solving that involves quick response, efficient staffing, and the sharing of our immense breadth and depth of knowledge across practice groups. This approach provides the time sensitivity, quality, and accuracy expected of a top-notch engineering, scientific, and technical consulting firm, but is more reasonably priced and creates a more adept, customizable, and overall better service experience.